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The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the Window is a thriller by A. J. Finn. It was published in 2018 by Harper Collins. Our woman in the window is a middle-aged woman named Anna Fox. It has been ten months since she has stepped outside of her house, too terrified of the outside world.

Anna Fox spends her days cooped inside her home, all alone, watching old black and white thriller movies and uncountable glasses of wine. Anna often watched her neighbors through the window of her room. One day a new family, the Russells shifts in her neighborhood. It seemed a perfect family of three. Leaving all the other families behind Anna started watching only the Russells from her window. She felt drawn to the family especially the teenage son, Ethan Russell, and become friends with Jane Russell. One day standing from her window Anna witnessed a murder at the Russell house. She must battle her fear and step outside to help. But even after all her attempts everyone including the police states that no crime took place let alone a murder. She must do everything to bring justice but can she trust herself?

Being a huge fan of thrillers I absolutely loved this book. This book keeps us guessing till the very last. Just when as a reader you think you have figured it all out Finn throws a twist your way and now you have to re-evaluate everything all over. From the very first page, this book got me hooked. It is one of those books where even the narrator cannot be trusted, so the reader also does not know what is true and what isn't. Finn has done a brilliant job in creating each and every character. Not one character feels out of place, unnecessary or incomplete. Not only the murders but the characters in themselves are mysteries. Why Anna doesn't go out of her house? Why is she drawn to Ethan? Why is Ethan so scared and timid all the time? Every question is answered but one at a time without any rush, which makes this book absolutely unputdownable. The woman in the window has everything a perfect thriller should have a motive, suspicious characters, numerous twists, and an epic climax.

I loved every aspect of this book, starting from its characters to its writing. I wish I had read it earlier. If you enjoy reading mystery thrillers just pick this book up, it's fail-proof.

The woman in the window

“And I stand there in the dark: cold, utterly alone, full of fear and something that feels like longing.”

A.J. Finn, The Woman in the Window

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