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The Virgin Paige - My 12 Months a Troll

The Virgin Paige - My 12 Months a Troll is a young adult fiction by Maria Wallingford and published by Happy Birthday Publishing in 2020. As the name suggests this book is about a girl named Paige and she is very much a virgin.

Paige is a teenager and her life is a wreck. She is always overshadowed by her elder brother and seriously fed up with the constant comparison between the two by parents and teachers. One fine day she decides that she will start a satirical gossip blogging website but she will keep her identity a secret. A blog so trendy that it will be the talk of the town, she can get back to people who bullied her but most importantly she will become the sexy mysterious writer every guy dreams of, she will use the blog to get the hottest guy in town. And so she does. But in the process of writing this mischievous blog, she has betrayed her friends and hurt innocent people. Things get ugly when her website is hacked by someone. She has no control over what is getting posted on her blog, she lost all her friends, she has no one to turn to but her muse.

Now, coming to my views about this book. I had no idea what was going on in the first thirty to forty pages. The writing was not clear at all. It felt like streams of random thoughts were written on the pages and I couldn't make anything of the story. But after that, the writing stabilizes and the book gets better. Words are repeated extensively throughout the book which was annoying. But at some point, I started enjoying the book. The story is a typical teenage story and the outcome is quite predictable. So if you are looking for a thrill, this is not for you. This book is more about Paige's journey from being an ignored nobody to the top gossip blogger to a bad friend and a lonely person and then to an understanding and matured girl. All the characters were either plain good or bad, very little to no character development was there for all the characters except obviously Paige which bothered me a little bit. But one thing about this book I liked is that it successfully captured some basic problems of most of the teenage girls - do the guys find me cool?, can I get the hottest guy to like me? and lastly, love is a myth.

I think this book is mainly for teenagers and adults may find it too childish. It is a chilled and easy read once you manage to get past the first thirty pages. I would like to thank Maria Wallingford for the review copy.

“ What's true about ourselves - and who knows where to look? ”

~ Maria Wallingford, The Virgin Paige - My 12 Months a Troll

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