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The Archer

The archer is another inspiring story from the pens of Paulo Coelho. The Archer was published in 2017 by Penguin Books. Before starting my book review I want to let you guys know that I'm taking a challenge called 7 days 7 review. So starting from today I will be posting a book review every day for 7 consecutive days. Enjoy...

In The Archer, our protagonist is a man called Tetsuya, an ordinary village carpenter. One day an excellent archer came to the village to challenge Tetsuya in archery and asked a village boy to find Tetsuya. To the surprise of the village boy, the stranger called Tetsuya, the Master. We find that Tetsuya once used to the Master of art but now has left everything behind to do what he loves to do which is work with wood. The young village boy upon knowing this pleads Tetsuya to teach him archery. The earnest look on the boy's face convinces him and so he begins the lessons.

Instead of teaching him in the traditional way, Tetsuya tells him the ways of the arrow and that only he can become a master by practicing every day. What follows are lessons for achieving anything a person yearns for using the metaphors of archery. In a simple manner, it tells us about correct intentions, right allies, failures, will, and endurance needed to achieve our goal. It gives us the list of steps needed to take to become successful and excel at what we want but also tells us only knowing is not enough, repetition of all the steps is the most important thing.

The book contains only 130 pages, which is shorter than a short read. My only criticism is that it doesn't have much of a story. The lessons are straightforwardly written, each lesson divided into each chapter. I would have liked them to be more infused with the story but that's my personal opinion. Other than inspiration this book provides its readers with beautiful illustrations. The illustration enhances the meaning of the messages and also makes it easier for the audience to receive them.

This is a perfect book for someone who is looking for something light or something inspiring to read. Even non-readers can read this book and appreciate it.

The archer who does not share with others the joy of the bow and the arrow will never know his own qualities and defects.

~ Paulo Coelho, The Archer


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