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Older Younger Sister

Older Younger Sister is the debut novel of Manisha Sarker. It is a young adult fiction but the twist is it's got time travel in it. It was recently published on June 22, 2020. It is the story of two sisters Samantha the older one, and Skylar the younger one.

Samantha is fifteen years old whereas little Skylar is just six and they share a loving bond. Samantha wants to build a career in soccer and gets agitated when babysitting her younger sister disrupts her practice. She hates school and studying which is ironic as both her parents are well educated and even her little sister is brilliant for her age. She can't help but feel like an oddball in the family. One day she runs into a seventeen-year-old girl who looks a lot like Skylar. Not only this, she even claims to be Skylar but from eleven years in the future. Though the proof provided by this Skylar justifies her claim, Samantha doesn't feel so. This grown-up Skylar is quiet and reserved whereas her little Skylar is bubbly and full of life. What happened in eleven years that her sister's personality changed so much? Moreover, could not Samantha save her from becoming this lifeless? But the real question is what is she doing back in time?

Now, coming to my thoughts about the book I really enjoyed it. Both Samantha and Skylar are easily likable though their characters are poles apart. Manisha Sarker has done a good job capturing the relationship between the two sisters. The bond between the two characters seems very real and not even a tiny bit forced. The fights and jealousy between them made them more relatable. It was nice reading about the two main characters. Talking about the other characters of the story like Samanth's friend Zoey and the crazy professor Dr. Davis, I felt they lacked motive. I wouldn't mind if the story was stretched a bit and more time was put into developing these two characters. The story is short and simple but engaging. It's only 130 pages long, so anyone can finish it real quick. I liked all the twists and revelations which kept me hooked the whole time except the last part with Dr. Davis which was a little off for me. As I already said I think his character needed more time.

Overall I liked the story and enjoyed reading it and would not mind if it was longer. It gives a beautiful perspective of the relationship between two sisters. For me, this was the greatest takeaway from Older Younger Sister. I would like to thank Manisha Sarker for the review copy and wish her success for this and all her future books. Go read it, people.

If you do wish to give it a try, consider using the Amazon link below -


Older Younger Sister

Samantha grinned and ruffled Skylar's hair. "Sure thing sis. Anything for you."

~ Manisha Sarker, Older Younger Sister


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