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My Better Half Forever

My Better Half Forever is a romantic novel by Arushi Vats. It was recently published in 2021. The story revolves around two college students Malvika and Rahul. This story is all about love, loss, and grief.

Malvika once used to be a happy bubbly girl but ever since she suffered her first panic attack, everything about her changed. She lost all her confidence and it felt like a part inside her had gone missing. Rahul, though looks happy and charming from the outside, is grieving his father's death internally. From the first time they meet, there is a connection between them that can neither be explained nor ignored. When things were starting to get better for Malvika one day Rahul leaves for London without informing anyone, not even Malvika.

This book is for someone who enjoys college romances. The story of My Better Half Forever has potential and could have been an emotional romantic read hadn't it taken the generic route of sick girl meets handsome boy, falls in love, get separated but again get together because they are meant to be. Though the books started nicely by introducing the two main characters and their background stories, shortly thereafter the writing went loose. There was little fluidity in the writing style because of which I couldn't connect to the characters or understand Malvika and Rahul's relationship.

The writing and consequently the story gets better in the second half after Rahul leaves for London. Their longing for each other while being miles apart put some colors to their characters. At that moment their passion for each other reflects through the pages. The book gets interesting when a third character is introduced and, let's be honest, everyone enjoys complicated love triangles. All the three characters are realistic and have flaws, they make bad decisions, do stupid things, and are great at messing up which made the characters lively, annoying but lively. Though I enjoyed the second part more than the first part, I don't agree with the ending because of reasons I can't say as it will spoil the book for any future reader, but that's just me.

To sum up, this is a sweet short one-time read with a nice love story of two persons who are meant to be and the hurdles they pass to be with one another. People who enjoy contemporary romance and love triangles will like this book.

"Tomorrow never came. His tomorrow, my tomorrow never arrived."

~ Arushi Vats, My Better Half Forever.


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