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Love & Pollination

Love & Pollination is a romantic comedy fiction by Mari Jane Law, which is also her debut novel. It was published in 2020 by DuBois Publishing. The story revolves around a woman named Perdita which means the lost child.

Perdita is now twenty-eight-years old and works as a financial advisor. Being an orphan and raised in a catholic convent she was never trained how to attract men to notice her or in Perdita's words "attract bees to her flower". As she finally took the advice of one of her clients Violet Freestone and gave herself a glamorous makeover she finally got noticed by her long-time crush Tony but he turned out to be a womanizer which gave her setback number one. To add to her misery she also gets fired from her job making it setback number two. To cheer herself up she goes shopping but literally ends up on top of a very handsome man Mr. Saul Hadley and in a crazy turn of events at his home. Though Perdita likes his home and wants to stay there, what will happen when she tells him about setback number one?

In the book, Perdita experiences a series of setbacks due to her naivety and a lack of better judgment. Even after taking into consideration that she was brought up in a very strict and restrictive environment and had no experience with the real brutal world, her naivety was hard to believe as she is a 28-year-old working woman. Maybe if she was five or four years younger there would have been no conflict between her age and her character. Now coming to the good aspects of this book. Love & Pollination has a very solid storyline. A lot of things happened in 317 pages making it fast-paced and at no point, does the story feel stagnant. Applauding Law for her comic writing made me laugh numerous times thus delivering what she promised in her book. Talking about the characters, each character has a significant role to play which prevents unnecessary crowding. Both the main characters, Perdita and Saul have major character growth throughout the story which is always a nice thing to witness.

This book not only gives its readers a fun contemporary romantic comedy but it also imparts important lessons. Through the relationship of Perdita and Saul in a very subtle way, it shows us how to treat our partners. From being enemies to being fond of each other they grew together. Even though their ego often got between them, they learnt to finally understand each other and allow their love to bloom as their relationship saw a positive arc. Not only that, there are many masked messages in the book which makes this book an insightful and worthwhile read. Do read Love & Pollination if you are searching for something cheerful and meaningful for your next read. Thank You Mari Jane Law for providing me a copy of this book for an honest review. Keep reading

Love and pollination

“I wanted to believe that my first date had been burgled, that my second date’s babysitter had been rushed to hospital, and that my third date had had a meteorite land on his roof because, if these things weren’t true, it meant my dates were running away from me. That there was something wrong with me.”

Mari Jane Law, Love & Pollination


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