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Kings and Queens

Kings and Queens is a fantasy poetry book by J. N. Eagles. It is Eagles's first published work of poetry and was self-published in February 2020. Before starting the book review I want to clarify that I had not read any poetry book prior to this one. So, I might not be the best person to review this book because I don't know on what basis I should judge this. I'm going to review Kings and Queens like I review other books, on basis of the plot, characters, and my overall experience.

The story is about a kingdom and its kings and queens. The princess of the kingdom is wed to a prince who married her only for the throne. The one thing that she loved dearly, her kingdom isn't her's anymore. A vengeful dragon is spitting fire all over the kingdom. How will she save her kingdom when her own people have turned a blind eye to her? Kings and Queens talks about the journey of the queen from being a princess to proving herself as a true queen. The whole world pulls her down but only it's in her own hands how she wants to carve her destiny.

I am a huge fan of fantasy. So when I heard about the premise of the book and that it is a poetry book I got excited and wanted to read it. But I have to say that this book has let me down in some way. This book deals with kings, queens, and dragons. I think magic can be done if these three elements are utilized properly. But this book for me failed to do so. There was nothing in it which I had not read or seen earlier which disappointed me because the story could have branched out in so many different ways making the story unique and more enjoyable. I wished Eagles would have written more about the knight because the knight was a strong character, he was everything that the king was not. He deserved more attention and had huge potential.

Now let's talk about the good things about the book. It is short and easy to read. The best thing about this book is, it successfully conveys its intended message to its readers and doesn't divert or confuse the readers. I really liked the last part of the book which dealt with the inner struggles of the queen. If the whole book was written as good as the last part the book could have done wonders. There are illustrations inside the book which adds more value to the content of the book. This book has opened up the gate for poetry books for me. I'm definitely going to try to read more such books from now on.

If you are in looking for a short read and you a fan of poetry just pick it up.

Kings and Queens

I couldn't do that to her or me

So, we set us both free

~ J. N. Eagles


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