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If You Could See Me Now

If You Could See Me Now is a fantasy romantic novel by Cecelia Ahern needless to say she is the author of the best selling novel "P.S. I Love You". The book was published in 2005 by Harper Collins. The story is about Elizabeth Egan and Ivan Elbisivni.

Elizabeth is a middle-aged hardworking and busy woman. With her younger sister Saorise dumping her child Luke on Elizabeth's shoulder she rarely has any time left for herself. Not that she would enjoy it if she had any. Elizabeth has no place for fairytales and fantasies in her life which only gives false hope; she has learned it the hard way. Ivan is her complete opposite. Ivan loves playing with children and spinning chairs. When he talks to Elizabeth it hits at the right spot. But Ivan is just a stranger. She doesn't even know his last name. Is he even real?

This is not the kind of "boy meets girl and they fall in love and they live happily ever after" story. This book is more about self-love, not torturing ourselves for our past failures. The book is filled with delightful and funny moments, moments that will surely crack you up. I had no idea a book that made me smile uncountable times could leave me crying in the last couple of chapters. Now coming to the writing, it's easy to read but what impressed me is that despite so many fun and light moments Ahern doesn't let go of the gravity of the novel. Both the main characters Elizabeth and Ivan are relatable and easy to love. To my great relief, the story does not get cliche at any point in time.

Now, I know many people are not into romantic stories and that's completely okay. But if you are, don't be a gnirob and give it a try. The story is a present time fairytale and tells us how important it is to believe in things that make us happy, to believe in ourself and to hope that tomorrow, the sun will shine brighter.

“That was all part of giving someone a piece of your heart; they ended up taking a whole chunk of your mind and reserving it all for themselves.”

Cecelia Ahern, If You Could See Me Now


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