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Deception Point

Deception Point is a mystery/thriller novel by Dan Brown, author of the international bestseller The Da Vinci Code. It was published in 2001 by Transworld Publishers. If you have read my Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag 2020 you know that I listed Deception Point as the biggest surprise of the year for me so far. Read on to know why.

Presidential elections campaigns are going on. The huge budget of NASA sanctioned by the current President despite several consecutive failures of NASA is called out by the opposition. Amidst all the bad press NASA has claimed to make a discovery, evidence of a rare object buried deep in Arctic ice. This was much-needed and can be a pivotal point in the elections. To foolproof the discovery, the President has sent a team of independent scientists along with Rachel Sexton, a White House Intelligence analyst and our protagonist. Though initially, everything seemed alright Rachel has found the unthinkable, a deception very meticulously planned to blind everyone of the world. Before Rachel and her fellow scientists could tell anybody they are being chased by professionals to kill them already two of the scientists are dead. This finding must reach the world before it's too late and who is behind this treachery?

Dan Brown is a widely known author and I have read all of his novels published to date. This was the last one left and I'm a fan of his work. The problem many have with his books is that all of them are structured the same way which makes them seem repetitive. Because I had read six of his novels I didn't expect Deception Point to amaze me in any way. Initially, my expectation held true. It was a slow start and nothing of significance or excitement happened in the first 70 - 80 pages. I actually had to take a break from reading it and take up something else. But when I resumed it felt like I was reading a completely different novel. The story takes a grip of all the simultaneous plots going on. From the moment the discovery of the deception happens the story picks up its pace and from there on it's a perfect page-turner. This book kept me on toes and kept me guessing the whole time. One problem I have with this book is I don't think the main culprit had enough motivation to execute such an elaborate and brutal plan. I feel her/his (don't want to give any spoilers) backstory could have been different to reason her/his behavior. But that is insignificant compared to the experience of the book.

If you are also a fan of mystery/thriller like me I would totally recommend Deception Point. Now you may feel the first part is a bit of a drag but please keep on reading, it gets so much better.

You can get the book from Amazon using the link https://amzn.to/39tdCgL

When multiple explanations exist, the simplest is usually correct.

~ Dan Brown, Deception Point


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