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Crown of Midnight

Crown of Midnight is the sequel to Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. I won't say you will not understand anything if you have not read Throne of Glass but it is always good to read in order because of obvious reasons. You can check out my review of Throne of Glass before going any further.

The eighteen-year-old assassin has won the competition and now she is the king's champion. According to the deal, now she has to do whatever the king demands, whoever he commands without uttering a single question and after four years of service to the throne she will get her freedom as a reward. But how can she be loyal to someone who killed her own parents? She has to hide her secret vigilantly, a word of it gets out and her dearest ones will be the first to get hanged. One night a terrible tragedy happens which leaves her completely shattered. Time has come for her to decide where her true loyalties lie.

Not for one second, I felt that the story was boring. Throughout the 422 pages, it kept me hooked. I cannot really pinpoint what I liked the best, the story as a whole was a great experience. We have seen Celena fighting and crushing her opponents in the previous book but in this book, we get to see the skills she possesses, which makes her the greatest assassin of Erilea. Her style and swag give a much-needed twist to her character ( If you have read my review of the first book, you know I didn't like her character much). What's great about Sarah is that she can place romance between the chaos and make you will feel that is how it should be done in every single book.

I'm not done with praising the book. The story reaches its peak at the last one-third. This book gives the readers everything a fantasy book has to offer. dark secrets waiting to be unveiled, mysterious puzzles needed to be solved, Human-animal-like demons are lurching the dark corners of the castle, witches with iron teeth who eat princesses, creatures from another realm and untamed magic. After all these mind-boggling things Sarah J. Maas manages to end the book in a soothing tone and yet leaves the readers curious to know the fate of Celena. This novel is a masterfully crafted work of fantasy that I'd recommend to anyone who loves the genre.

“Some things you hear with your ears. Others, you hear with your heart.”

~ Sarah J. Maas, Crown of Midnight

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